Who and Where are you?

Welcome to Glebe Primary Year 2 blog. Please spare one minute to leave a comment for Year 2 pupils. If you leave a comment, it will be shared with the Year 2 class and will help to give them a sense of audience. Just say who and where you are. Pupils always like to know a little about their audience.

Thank you!

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17 thoughts on “Who and Where are you?

  1. Alex

    I’m Alex and I was born in England but I’m half Scottish (from my dad’s side) and half Bosnian (from my mum’s side) Bosnian is the language spoken in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Comment on my short the bang part 1.

  2. Paul Barton

    Wow Year 2. Blogging looks so much fun and you get better as writers at the same time! Think I shall have to get my Year 1 children blogging. Lots of fun to be had!

  3. James

    Hi Y2,

    Wow! I grew up just down the road from you and moved to New Zealand a few years ago. So excited to see your blog, thanks for reminding me of home! I live in Auckland- I’d love you to find it on a map and see how far apart we are! My Y6s would love to meet you too 🙂

  4. Honey's Dad

    Hello, I’m Honey’s Dad!
    As I don’t get a chance to get to the school as often as I would like (Boring work – Boo!), I come to the blog to see what you have all been up to!
    I love seeing the pictures of you all & your fantastic adventures! Wish I could go back to school!!!!!

    Keep up the fantastic work & you’ll keep brightening my day!

  5. Rosie Doughty

    I’m a teacher from Bermuda. Unfortunately, I’m home sick today and can’t be with my own year 3 class, so I’m visiting with you instead! I hope you enjoy your blogging!


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