In Science  we have been learning about PLANTS!

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This is the bean I have planted at school!                                                                                                

space v2

The order of the solar sytem is mecury , venus , earth , mars , astroud belt , jupiter , saturn ,urans ,neptune.every plant has a core but there there are 4 rock planets and 4 gas planets. hers a picture.

space is so cool.

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David’s Favourite Food

My favourite food is pasta.

It has sugar in it.

My mum don’t let me eat it.

My favourite food is also rice.

My mum lets me eat it.

But she said “brush your teeth after you finish eating it.”.

I have three favourite foods.

One is pasta, one is rice and one is pizza.

One time,I ate a whole pizza!

I love eating a pizza!


By David Zeng

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