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Emily’s fantastic half term

on Friday after school I went to watch shaun the sheep the movie with Rachel and ruby it was great fun and really funny.

then it was Saturday and I went to my auntie’s house with my mum dad two brothers George and harry  and my baby sister charlotte  for my joint birthday party with my cousin james we both had a cake each then on the sunday which was my actual birthday and I got a new bike and went to London to the rain forest café and hamleys toy shop whilst I was there with my mum my day and brother’s made me a rainbow cake.

on the Monday we went to soft play then on the Tuesday I went to gravity force and then on the Wednesday we had a day of rest then it was Thursday and we went to the cinema and watched big hero 6 now we are on Friday and we went swimming to a pool that had a wave machine and I bumped into somebody.

On the Saturday we went to Kempton park to watch the horse racing with Rachel and they had so much stuff there I didn’t have time to do it all and now its sunday and I had a day at my nannies house then I came home and had a bath and got ready for bed ready for Monday at school


by Emily 2G