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On my way home By Katie

On my way home I hurt my knee then I meet my friend called Jenny look at my bad knee I said, how did you do it asked Jenny, well there was a googly scary monster  and it chucked me in the air. I went into the clouds way up high then I feel down and hit the ground and that’s how I got my bad knee.

My half term holiday by Katie

When we finished school on Friday Isabella came round to my new house to play. On Saturday I woke up in the morning and I was very tired but I still went dancing as I really enjoy doing ballet lots. Then in the afternoon I went to musical theatre. I had a lazy day on Sunday and stayed in my onesie  all day.  Tuesday we went bowling with two of my friends. Wednesday I went to golf with Isabella and her brothers and their friends and after that I went  back to their house to play for a while. Then I had to come home because I had my swimming lessons and I had a great time on Wednesday. Thursday I went to golf again with my brothers and my friends and we went out for something to eat. On Friday I woke up and I was very tried so I stayed in bed, we had to stay in all day  because the sky man was coming  so me and my mum done some puzzles and played some games . Saturday im going to ballet soon and musical theatre this afternoon.

Ive had a fab half term.