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My good day

I whent to a fun fair today.

I whent on a steam train.

I was REALLY REALLY scard I thought I would Full off.

Then it sarted raining And we whent Back home.

To my grandmas.

The End By Tilly.

my Book day

On book day I had a lot of fun a playtime with my friends.

It was the 13th of march.

Today I was wearing a Red nose.

I enjoed Red nose day.

In maths we had a sheet witch was to do with Red nose day.


Tillys weekend

on the start of the day I woke up.

And I had breakfast  and I got dressed.

And I wrnt to my grandmas.

Beacause I am getting a new car today.

And it is white.

and then my perants got home.

and I had lunch.

The End