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My dark poem

The moon lights up the night,

and the stars fill up the sky,

but bats come flying and they might give you a fright.

I love the night but when you look closely you might notice a shooting star

come make your wish and you might be lucky

wish for something and your dreem will come true.

My guinea pigs

I have  2 guinea pigs.,they go to squek school.    They are 1 year old.  snowball  is white a`nd very fat.  she has pink paws  ,  oink ears abd pink tung.   Wiggy is grey. she had black eyes black ears and a blak tongue.     i kiss them. I feed them. i brush then.   I play games whith them.   they ride on my red bus.    i love them so   so so so  much.




Fire of London

2015-04-26 14.22.36

I had a great time at the Museum of London.  I learnt loads of stuff about the Great Fire of London but this is my favourite one – I got to try on a fireman’s helmet from the Great Fire.  The helmet was made out of thick leather.  It was very heavy.  I got to compare it to one used today and they were very different.  The modern helmet had a visor that was dark yellow to protect your eyes.  The proper protection for your head of the modern helmet was a light yellow.  The one that was used in the Great Fire did not have a visor and was dark brown.  I also saw a bucket which was used in the Great Fire which was also made of thick leather.  It didn’t have a leather handle, it had a metal one.

The seaside in the past

The seaside in the past was very different to now, so I’d like to tell you a bit about the seaside about 200 years ago…

  • In the past they didn’t know how much harm the sun could be to them so there wasn’t an invention of sun-cream.
  • Punch & Judy  shows were very popular at the beach, these shows are puppet shows which can be seen now but very rarely at the beach.
  • If you wanted to get there you couldn’t just drive or walk you’d have to to go to your local train.
  • clothing was very different, you basically covered covered your whole self up because they thought it was rude to show your body parts.
  • Bucket & spades were very expensive so only rich people could afford them. It was especially expensive because you had to buy more & more as it was made out of metal, tin & wood so it rusted & soaked.