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The little girl

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who’s name was Darcie .Her dream was to be a fairy .One day when Darcie when to the park she saw a light  was blinking so she went closer and when she was very close she saw it was a fairy.Darcie asked her name ,she replied “I am Zara and I am lost” in a crying tone.Darcie calmed her by saying “Don’t worry Zara i will help you  find your house”.And they both started searching for her house.

After a little while Zara found her Fairyland and was very excited and told Darcie”Hey my friend why don’t you come and visit my land I’m sure u will love it.” Darcie was happy and she went in too.

When she entered she saw beautiful land in front of her eyes.

                                      THE END


seaside are really fun and there are lots of seaside .

List of seaside:


Brighton pier

Canvey Island Beach

Birling Gap Beach

Joss Bay

Botany Bay

Viking Bay

Rother Council