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Horrid Henry and the mummy’s revenge

It was Halloween and Horrid Henry was getting ready to go out with the smelly nappy baby,  that was Peter. When Henry saw Peters rabbit costume, Henry thought “it was ridiculous” he wouldn’t be Peter’s friend if he would wear that costume every Halloween because must be spooky not rabbit land, so he took Peter to the bath room “you might need a bit spookier stuff on your costume on Halloween ” Henry said” you won’t cut to much ” said Peter” of course not” said Henry so he cut peter’so hair, he tried to cut peter’s hair a bit horrible so he did do that just in case people won’t say Peter wasn’t spooky when he goes out, when he finished, he asked Peter to open his eyes, just then Peter fainted then he called mum ” MUM!!!”he shouted “Henry cut almost all of my hair mum shouted at Henry HOW COULD YOU BE SO HORRID!!!shouted mum, then mum told Henry to go to his room, but this was great because this was part of his plan.

When Peter and his mum left to go trick or treat , he made sure that no one was looking and dad was just watching TV. When he done his  double check down stairs, he up stairs to rap some toilet paper around him, Henry knew that he wouldn’t see so he cut some small eyes to see where, he then his plan was done he made himself into a mummy, he tried to colour green around the eyes, but that was fine otherwise people will think that it wasn’t a real mummy, but first he had to go to a seceret mission to scare peter, so he went downstairs but Henry forgot that peter went out trick or treating,  so had to wait. Just then somebody was at the door and it was peter, MUM told dad that Peter  lost his outfit so they had to do trick or treating tomorrow luckily it was Halloween tomorrow, when Peter went out they actually realized it was Halloween tomorrow,  that’s why they came back, Henry was amazed he could scare Peter right now, the was he told that he had to kill him and put him in the grave yard luckily that trick was only for girls but it only for Peter but he knew Peter was a boy but still the trick was only for Peter and the girls, it was for Peter because he was a smelly nappy baby.

The next day it was Halloween and Henry was at home, Peter was out going trick or treating, Henry realised that he had to sneak outside for his plan, so he went downstairs then someone was at the door, Henry went to hide at the door, it was Ralph, he saw dad giving Henry’s  chocolate penguin jokes, Henry couldn’t belive that dad gave his own sweets, that was Henry’s favourate chocolate. When Ralph left dad went back to watch TV, Henry wanted TV but he was on a secret mission to get sweets, before he went out, he drew a white cross with his colour blower he got almost all of the colour, first person he went was Bert he saw one toilet paper in his bag, the toilet paper was one of the bonus prizes, he got a trick to scare him he is going to go the other Side of the fence “give me your sweets or you will drown” Henry said