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Hey I  am  Jessica at school I have been leaning about happy famlies  I am not talking about families you know 23-3=20 3-23 =20 2 get it now and my teacher was very  suprised with our work. Thankyou for reading my work bye

2M Science

In Science today we were investigating whether toast could be turned back into bread. We tried lots of different things including: scraping it with a knife, putting it in water, putting it in salt water, putting butter on it, putting salt on it, holding it by a fan and some other things too.

What do you think happened to the toast? Do you think once bread has been made into toast it can be turned back into bread?


2M Maths

Today we have been looking at measurement in Maths. We looked at what 1 centimetre is equivalent to in millimetres. We found out which is bigger – 1cm or 1mm. Then we used our new knowledge to draw robots on square paper and we measured the length of the different sides of the robot.

Measuring different lengths with a ruler is something many of us struggled with so we do need lots of practice! Maybe over half term we could practice measuring different objects around the house in both cms and mms?



2M Literacy Challenge

This morning we had fun working in teams to complete a Literacy challenge. We raced against the clock and each other to complete different tasks. The tasks included: finding the adverbs in a sentence, writing adjectives, matching contractions to their meanings, using a dictionary to find the meaning of some words and many more things.

Well done to Pippa, Anna and Hannah who were the winners with a score of 18!