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Funtastic Fridays


Friday 18/03/16

Funtastic Fridays

Today was a great day, I learned all about how to work out big sums with the help of Ms Griffiths.  She was so kind to me and I think she is a great teacher.  When I got home my mum surprised me with a beautiful bowl of spaghetti with lashings of tomato sauce.  I love Fridays…

My favourite character

My favourite character is…



Strawberry Shortcake!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I like Strawberry Shortcake because she looks pretty.

numbers in French

un                                    six                           onze            seize

deux                              sept                         douze          dix-sept

trois                             huit                        treize             dix-huit

quatre                       neuf                         quatorze       dix-neuf

cinq                           dix                           quinze            vingt


Easter bunny oh Easter bunny

Easter bunny oh Easter bunny where do you live?

I live in a place so soft and funny.

Easter bunny oh Easter bunny where do you sleep?

I sleep underground where it’s a heap.

Easter bunny oh Easter bunny where do you rest?

under the clouds where it is the best.

All about me

My name is Hana.I am 7 years old also three years older than my sister.My favourite movie is the lego movie because like the characters.

My little sister is called Imaan and my baby sister is called maryam.My family includes my mum,dad,little sister,baby sister and me.

and I have a kind grandma and grandpa.

All about my sister

my sister has brown eyes.

my sister has short hair like me

my sister has lots of nice clothes and toys.

it was my sisters birthday last wednesday.

my sister plays with me.

my sisters favourite movie is inside out

and best of all she loves me