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Medieval Weapons by Matthew

Weapons were important to a knight . They used them for fighting. Back in those days, lots of wars were starting so brave knights fought in battle. They didn’t punch or kick.  They used weapons, like a sword for example.  A sword is long and at the top it has pointy curve.  It also has a handle at the bottom of the sword.  The handle was smooth.  Swords weren’t light, you had to be strong to hold one.  The main bit of the sword was silver and it was used for slicing the enemy.

Also, knights had horses.  They used a very long weapon on a horse called a lance.  Lances were used for knocking people off their horses.  When they had a jousting tournament they used lances.  Jousting was only for practice.  The lance had a handle like the sword.  At the top of the handle there was a wide cone shape which the knight couldn’t fit his hand through.  Lances were usually decorated with shiny patterns.

Strong and brave knights carried an English longbow.  This was very big.  Knights had to get their arrow and put it in between the two sides of the bow.  Then pull it back and fire.  If a small or light knight tried  to fire an English longbow he might fall over and another knight could sneak up behind him and kill him with a sword or lance.

Knights also had to have protection.  They used a shield to block opponents from killing them.  Shields always had their coat of arms on it.  A coat of arms had four things representing their family, for example, some knights might have three lions for bravery.  Shields could also be used on a horse.  Unlike a lance shields would only be used to block.  Shields were wide and a little bit thick, they weren’t long like a sword.

Knights really did need these weapons.  If they didn’t have weapons they would risk dying.

Rumpelstiltskin – Written by Matthew 2M

 Once upon a time there was a cave that had cob webs in every little gap of the cave. This particular cave had central heating and air conditioning. But Rumpelstiltskin that lived there was very sad and angry because this cave like all caves do had no rooms and was not very preety.it had no fancy wallpaper and no very golden or special ornaments all it had was DUST! Dust dust and more dust.so all Rumpelstiltskin would do is groan and moan. Rumplestiltskin had bright orange hair and a green outfit. Now Rumplestiltskin was having a party but unfortunately no one came Rumplestiltskin had spent a year planning absaloutely everything there was just one thing where were all his party guests. He had ready food,drink,plates,cutlery and lots more. Rumplestiltskin went out and had a look he walked into a enchanted forest he noticed what looked like exited people so he walked over. He asked a man with a moustache what was going on. He said “we are having a party!!” “why!” Rumplestiltskin ran like lightlining into the table. He destroyed everything nothing was there but very cross people.