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About my mummies shop-by melia

On Tuesday after school I went to drama. After drama my mummy went to alderd a picture for me and then we went to my mummys shop and my mummy just let me to do my home work why my mummy was backing and that’s the end of my story.                      My mummy works in honey bees cakes and it’s in Ruslip Manor.


On the way home-melia

on the way home I met my friend Amelia look at my bad knee said clar how did you do It asked Amelia well there was a hideous giant and It was a booge monster he had gynormas hands that he grab me and gobled me up. but when I was in his tummy I punched his belly and then he spied me out when I came out of his tummy I triped up over a stone and that’s how I got my bad knee what the said Amelia.