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when you comment you shouldn’t write stuff like nice work and just comment stuff like very nice write something like well done but use more punctuation because if you write something to help them they will feel more confident so write stuff to help them


don’t trust people online if you see some one who is talking online and you are to don’t tell them where you live or your last name or any personal details

who i am

I’m ruby I’m 7 years old i love sports and all stuff to do with sporty stuff my favourite sport is basketball my other one is football there really fun try them if you like to i love any sport i do cp soccer and cardio kids club  i can’t  think of anything else bye

welcome to our blog

welcome to are blog we hope you enjoy it we all work very hard please comment on are work and do not say bad words or it won’t be posted no one wants that happening be nice and us lots of description sees you soon bye

Ruby’s Half Term Blog

On Saturday I went to Callan’s birthday party. I ate fish and chips. On Sunday I helped daddy with his fishing tackle. I hope to go fishing with my daddy and my sister Brooke. On Monday I played on my Ipad all morning and went swimming in the afternoon. On Tuesday I went to my daddy’s fishing lake to feed the fish. On Wednesday I went into Ickenham to buy Uncle Jean-Paul a birthday card and post it. On Thursday I went into London and watched my sister dance in the ballet festival. On Friday we had to help daddy do the shopping and clean my house. We couldn’t go fishing on Friday because it was too wet, windy and cold. On Saturday I went to my ballet class to practise my solo for my ballet festival. Then I went to McDonalds to eat lunch and then to the theatre to watch the frozen sing-along. On Sunday I went to my normal ballet class. I went out with my friends and family for lunch.