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The Grandpa who lost his magic wardrobe

Once there was a house with a Gandpa, one day there was a robber who wacked the window off the house. The robber flicked a laptop into a sack, through in a big jewlery box, wacked in a television. In one giant bag he put an alive bed & magical wardrobe but luckily karate Grandpa karated him and then had a babyish party because he stopped great crime but forgot to call the police. The next day he realised what he did so he diled 9999 and put to much 9s but the wardrobe & bed took it away and diled 999 so the robber was being watched. The robber came back and thought he could get away with it  but couldn’t the sound of the siren for the police car made him run away but he ran away into the police car!


Marlon by Christian

Marlon is a monster who has sucked his dummy constantly for weeks, months & years. Granny says he is to old to still have a dummy, but Marlon is not ready to give up his noo -noos just yet!

Marlon was sat watching tell & with his dummy in his mouth, granny sat in the armchair watching Marlon. “He is to old for that dummy.” grumbled granny. “It is a noo – noo!” bellowed Marlon. “He calls it a noo – noo.” Explained Marlon’s mum. “Whatever he calls it, he looks like an idiot with that silly awful thing stuck in his mouth all the time.” Squeeked granny. “He doesen’t have it all the time, he just has it at bedtime or if he’s a bit tired.” Soothed Marlon’s  Mum. ” His teeth will stick out.” Warned granny. “Monsters teeth stick out anyway!” Screeched Marlon. “At this rate he’ll be starting school with a dummy, at this rate he’ll be starting high school with a dummy, at this rate he’ll   be starting university with a dummy, at this rate he’ll be starting work with a dummy, at this rate he’ll be forever with a dummy so why don’t we just get rid of them now.” Said granny. “We’re thinking about it, aren’t we pet, now your a big boy we’ll just rid of all those dummies won’t we.” Said Marlon’s mum. “No!” Screamed Marlon. “You see, one word from you and he does as he likes, you’ just have to be firm with him.” Moaned granny. So Marlon’s mum gathered up all the noo – noos she could find and dumped them in the dustbin 2 minutes before the dustbin truck arrived. Marlon knew about it, but he had noo – noo supplies All over the house, the blue one was hidden in his bag, a green one was stuck behind the radiator, a yellow one under the carpet, a purple one at the back of the bookshelf & his favourite pink one in his toy ambulance. People were teasing him but he loved his noo ~ noos so much that he didn’t care. In the end he actually looked cute with a noo ~ noo!!!!!!!!

The plant that never stopped by Christian

Once there was a bulb, mum planted it in the garden, the children watered it, it was now a shoot, it got light, it was a plant, it got space, soil, but it was actually saturate with to much sun & the soil was white.  The plant grew, grew & grew to the clouds, it grew to Heaven the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Eris, Haumea, Ceres, Mercury, past the Asteroid belt, Makemake & the Sun. Then it turned blue because it was in space. The children got an astronaut costume each and climbed the plant, they got lost in the clouds, met God in heaven, explored the amazing planets & Asteroid belt, then wrote ‘the moon plant’ on the plant. In time the plant grew a moon rock, but not just that, it had a moon seed on in it which was exctremly extrordinary because it was an un – heard of thing. On the other hand the children’s mum didn’t know anything about it & they were running out of oxygen. Actually they didn’t know that they stayed until winter and the plant had exactly 2 mins until the plant died with them lost in space. So at full pace they ran down the plant &  found themselves in a whole new world! (They thought it was a whole new world but actually they were home sweet home) the mum had put up the Christmas tree but had a wanted poster on the door for the children. They rushed inside with presents for mum & dad & all the family so they all lived phenomenly continuesly!

.                     The end!

Electric story by Christian

It was a hot, hot day, so hot that it made a bit of fire. People tried to cool down with ways such as going in the bath on full cold, (made them freeze and dislife themselves) changing the air conditioning, (which didn’t work) nothing worked. People thought of ways to cool down, whilst doing this they rubbed there hands on the’re trousers and then touched there fingers together then they got an exctremly gigantic electric shock. One by one they died because of this but on the other hand there was a lot of light bulb – changing going on, for one moment the  world paused, light bulbs fell, electricity & Fire went everywhere. That went down in history as the death moment which was very strange because after that it went back to normal.


     The end!

My story by Christian called the toy dinosaur

Last Wednesday I came home from school for half term and in my room, something squeaked, something bashed, it even rubbed on my bed. I didn’t see any of this but I did hear & smell it happen, so I looked everywhere, but everything seemed normal but the annoying thing was that it kept on taking up all the noise. Soon I found out that my TOY DINOSAUR WAS ALIVE! He just wanted a bit of companionship and he was hungry. Except I  Dìdn’t realise that he wanted any of this, I ran to my mummy & said that he was alive. She didn’t believe this. At one point I realised that the toy had been following me all along and asking to be my friend. We had a totally amusing day together. It was back to school now and my toy had taught meall about dinosaurs but our new topic was dinosaurs!

My story called the mountain of magic

Once upon a time, a long,long time ago, past the mountains, past every lake is a mountain bigger than big Ben, bigger than Mount Everest, even bigger than winsor castle.Also it was ALIVE and had powers to make volcanoes more powerful than a big bad massive monster.Now, the real thing is that it has made ultimate destruction and destroyed everything.I tried to make defence but I nearly died because it was not good enough. I broke my leg by diving away onto a rock and tripping on a campfire. I found out that it is also a total savoury because it magicly heeled it and I felt like I was in heaven. The truth was that it was’nt a savoury at all but it was a savage because it put me into a floating cloud which took me into an erupting volcano. After that I went to hospital to heel the burn marks on me. When it was bedtime I dreamed of being a celebrity but when I woke up I had a load of people asking for my autograph except I was silly because I got a notebook and pen but it was just my mind then I went outside and had a very nice day except I was worried about that mountain.

The end